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 M&A and its consultants is a small consulting firm with extensive experience in almost every facet of the utility business.  We have successfully consulted to the energy business for over twenty years.

We attribute our success to dedication to our client’s satisfaction based on a commitment to client service through quality performance and application of innovative but practical approaches to address client’s unique challenges.  We emphasize timely communication of professional and financial developments of importance to our clients to support their profitable growth. 

 M&A and its consultants provides comprehensive management consulting and other services worldwide.  We provide these services to clients in virtually every kind and size of enterprise in the energy business.   


 Our management consulting is a versatile, general purpose consulting group with a sphere of practice extending into all major aspects of the energy business.  M&A performed successful management consulting engagements for numerous government and industrial entities with respect to the following general areas:  

      Regulations:  We have assisted federal, state, and local governmental bodies, as well as utilities and consumer organizations, in understanding the effect of regulatory policies and practices on the financial condition and operations of regulated businesses.  We have developed methodologies for determining the effects on operations due to regulatory requirements, complying with these requirements, and evaluating the effectiveness of the regulatory process.  In addition, we have assisted utilities and federal, state and local government bodies in setting appropriate rates.

      Organization Analysis: Our previous engagements have included the review of formal and informal reporting relationships, the analysis of duties and responsibilities, and the development of more effective organizational relationships and information flows.

      Operations Improvement: Engagements in this area have dealt with the assessment of operational effectiveness and efficiency in all areas of corporate or governmental operations.  The reviews of operating policies and procedures, general management practices, work force management, and service delivery methods are conducted with the objective of minimizing costs while maintaining or improving the quality or level of services provided.

      Financial Management: We have reviewed all aspects of the treasury, accounting, and budgeting areas of financial management.  We have assisted management in the areas of cash and fixed asset management, capital structure management, budget review and preparation, and profitability accounting.

      Long-Range Planning: We have been involved in all aspects of the planning process, from budget development to strategic business planning.  We have reviewed business plans and developed recommendations related to product development, market expansion, financial management, and manpower planning.  We have also performed numerous financial forecasts for the utility industry to assist management and the investment community in connection with public financing or to obtain a better understanding of the effect of changes in operations.

      Management Training and Development: We have developed and conducted management training and developed programs for both industry and government designed to maximize functional skills and to enhance the knowledge of the management process.

      Economic, Financial and Risk Assessment System Design and Implementation: Assistance with the development and implementation of management tools to Summarize, measure, forecast and report the results of operations has been provided to clients. 

      Marketing Analysis: We have performed market research with respect to market definition, competitor identification and analysis, demographic profiles and trends, and organization and location.  These analyses have been performed for individual entrepreneurs, privately and publicly held companies, and trade or industry associations.



Depending upon the needs of the engagement, we have put together a professional consulting staff to draw upon.  All consultants hold at least one university degree and most have advanced degrees.  Our consultants come from industry and government with backgrounds in business administration, engineering, economics, mathematics, finance, and accounting

Professionals assigned to each engagement are selected on the basis of the technical and professional skills required.  Project team selection recognizes the constraints associated with the particular need in the most practical, timely, and cost-effective manner.

 Each engagement is staffed with an experienced principal who is responsible for successful completion of the project.  Technical resources, responsible for quality control, are also assigned to each engagement.

 Each of our engagements exhibits two common characteristics, the highest standards of professional excellence and independent judgment.  In each consulting engagement, we conduct our analysis under stringent project control procedures designed to maximize the effectiveness of our study.  Our quality control procedures ensure that the results of our analysis provide practical recommendations and results that are capable of withstanding the test of rigorous scrutiny.  Additionally, each consulting engagement performed by M&A is approached foremost from the standpoints of objectivity and independence.  The development of our recommendations reflects our independent, professional opinion, which we believe, results in equitable treatment to all involved parties.

 M&A has been actively involved in consulting over the past twenty years, and we value our high reputation in this area.  M&A has provided consulting services for our clients ranging from utilities themselves to regulatory bodies.  We have provided consulting assistance to virtually every type of utility, including electric, gas, and water and wastewater utilities.  In addition, we have performed consulting engagements for local, state, and national government agencies.  Our consulting engagements have encompassed a broad range of financial and operating areas including organizational analysis, long-range planning, financing studies, operations improvements, system design and implementation, and rate case planning, analysis, and presentation.  Our expertise has extended to the following:

       Rate case consultation and analysis for utilities and provision of expert testimony, regulatory bodies, and intervenors

      Prudency reviews

      Rate development, analysis, and design

      Financial plans and financial alternative

      Energy cost adjustment clause review, design, and monitoring

      Merger and Acquisitions

      Special studies


 In addition, we have served as consultants to management in financial, industrial, and governmental organizations of all sizes on virtually every kind of management problem.  By combining the knowledge and experience gained from our general consulting services with our specific knowledge of utilities and regulation, we are able to provide innovative and creative solutions to a wide range of problems facing utilities and regulatory bodies.





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